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Terms and conditions

First Month, No Fees By UO Solutions

Applicable Terms and Conditions

UO Solutions, LLC (“UO Solutions”) is launching the First Month, No Fees digital campaign. Throughout this campaign, UO Solutions is offering its prospective clients (each, a “Client”) the possibility to begin working with it and receive UO Solutions’ services without making any payment of fees for those services that are provided by UO Solutions during the first month of an executed agreement for services between it and a Client (the “Offer”). The following terms and conditions apply to the Offer:

In order to accept and benefit from the Offer, a Client must complete all required fields of the First Month, No Fees digital campaign form located at https://uosolutions.com/increaseyourleads/ads and https://uosolutions.com/realsolutions/ads with information that is accurate, current, and otherwise valid. In addition to completing the First Month, No Fees digital campaign form, to benefit from the Offer, a Client must execute and enter into an agreement for services by and between such Client and UO Solutions (each a “Client Agreement”). Each such Client Agreement will specifically govern the relationship between each respective Client and UO Solutions and will, among other things, set forth the costs, fees, and pricing that apply in connection with the particular services to be provided by UO Solutions under each such Client Agreement. To the extent that the terms of any Client Agreement is inconsistent with or contradicts the Offer, the terms of said Client Agreement will govern.

In the event that a Client properly completes the First Month, No Fees digital campaign form and enters into a valid Client Agreement that contemplates and acknowledges the Offer, UO Solutions will provide services to each such Client without service fees for the first month following the date of execution of the Client Agreement applicable to each such Client (the “First Month No Fees Period”).

In extending the Offer, UO Solutions expressly acknowledges that, from time to time, its provision of services requires the engagement of third party services and/or products. Therefore, while the Offer provides for the performance of UO Solutions’ services without service fees during the First Month No Fees Period, the Offer does not include, and a Client must pay for, any costs, expenses, and/or payments to third parties or third party providers that are required to be paid to the extent that such third party services and/or products are necessary for UO Solutions’ provision of services under an applicable Client Agreement. As such, while the Offer allows a Client to receive free UO Solutions’ services during the First Month No Fees Period, a Client may still be responsible for payments related to third party services and/or products during such period.

UO Solutions’ First Month No Fees Offer will be ongoing until, and will expire on, December 31, 2023, or until such time as UO Solutions otherwise determines in its sole and absolute discretion. Additional terms and conditions may apply as provided by UO Solutions.