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Managing an eCommerce Business In Times of Cyber Monday and Black Friday



Running an eCommerce business is more than just “selling online” or simply optimizing an online store to provide a good user experience and drive conversions. Don’t get us wrong - these are important elements, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg.

That said, one of the essential aspects of successfully managing an eCommerce business is analyzing your target user behavior and outlining a strategic sales plan. Designed specifically to boost sales and enable solid, sustained growth. 

For such purposes, there are two main events that every eCommerce expert should be aware of and never ever neglect: Cyber Monday and Black Friday

These are, by far, the biggest online shopping days of the year, representing a massive sales opportunity for eCommerce retailers. As such, business owners should plan ahead and centralize part of their marketing strategies around these dates. 

Now, even though they have their own history, traditions, and set of rules, both Black Friday and Cyber Monday have something very important in common: the potential to attract prospects, increase traffic to your website, and boost conversions. All while helping you showcase your catalog and position your brand through fresh practices and honest discounts.  


Cyber Monday & Black Friday

Both events are originally from the United States. However, they take place all around the world and throughout the year. Coordinated by regional eCommerce associations, they aim to boost national industry sales and foster a sustained, more inclusive digital transformation.              

It’s important to keep in mind that the annual commercial calendar also includes seasonal deals, such as the “winter sale”, and special holidays, like father’s or mother’s day. However, none of these events come close to Cyber Monday or Black Friday, saleswise.

So much so that sales are up 500% growth year in year out, all while the average ticket has even tripled in some cases. It goes without saying then that, with such a solid trend, missing out on such an opportunity would be an unforgivable business mistake. 


How to Take Advantage of Cyber Monday and Black Friday and Boost Your Sales

First and foremost, it’s essential to be a part of both events. As obvious as it may sound, there are many eCommerce companies that don’t even consider participating or, worse, don't do so because they assume they won’t get the results they expect. 

Mark our words: being part of these events is imperative to build a (positive) online reputation and enhance your business’ growth. 

Events like Cyber Monday or Black Friday also represent a huge opportunity to educate your target audience. It’d be a mistake to expect all users to know and fully understand what they are about. 

As a brand, you should share with your audience basic guidelines and good practices on how to take advantage of your online deals. For such purposes, a common yet very effective “must” is to develop specific landing pages. Purposely designed to guide, inform, and ultimately encourage users to buy.  

And for that matter, optimizing your website should also be a top priority. Namely, page load time, overall UX experience, and every technical implementation - no matter how simple it may be - that will help you create a better, more effective shopping process.

Last but not least, your website’s content and communication strategy should also be on point. Keep in mind that, during those days, your site will possibly be the presentation letter to thousands of prospects that don’t know who you are or what makes your brand so special. So, this represents a unique opportunity for showing your big guns, content-wise. 


Be Prepared and Set Your eCommerce Up for Success!

The rule of thumb here is to be one step ahead and outline an effective strategy. These are two of the most important online events of the year for eCommerce businesses, even bigger than Christmas Holidays or seasonal deals.

It’ll be fundamental to analyze trends and, specifically, your target audience’s needs, pain points and demands, as this will be the best way to make better, more informed decisions, offer what they really expect from you, and ultimately boost conversions. 

So, don’t waste your time and prepare your eCommerce business for the upcoming Cyber Monday and Black Friday! Our experienced and skilled sales team can help you take your eCommerce platform to the next level, improve your online presence, attract more prospects, and drive sales. Are you ready?

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